St Brigid’s College facilities provide a physical environment which allows our students to feel engaged, inspired, comfortable and safe. A large collection of buildings is contained within the school grounds and in recent years these have all undergone a major refurbishment. This includes the addition of several new buildings, rooms and storage areas. The most recent addition was a complete classroom wing built to accommodate the Year 7 cohort.

Commencing in 2017 a new technology wing will replace the existing Woodwork room and Year 12 Common Room and provide a two storey building housing Music, Woodwork, Textiles, Graphics, the Year 12 Common Room and the canteen.

Architect representation of new Technology Wing

The front of the college faces Robinson Street with main entrance and bike ramp entrance to that street. There is a vehicle entrance at the rear of the College accessed from Hamilton Street.

A Music Centre was built to accommodate music at St Brigid’s. It was named the Claver Music Centre, after well known music teacher, Mother Claver Tuite csb (see History) and officially opened by Sr Geraldine Sheedy on 3rd May 2000 on behalf of the Brigidine Sisters.

In June 2004 a new Multi-Purpose Stadium was officially opened by Bishop Peter Connors, Bishop of the Ballarat Diocese and Mr. Larry Burn, Director of the Catholic Education Office, Ballarat Diocese.


In 2008 our College underwent a major building construction and refurbishment. A new library, three Information Technology laboratories and a multipurpose classroom were constructed and a full refurbishment of the Northern classroom wing was completed.

College Library


Chapel area within Library


In 2009, the Home Economics classroom and laboratory and two Science laboratories were totally refurbished. A third, senior science laboratory was also constructed.

In 2011, the Front Office area was redeveloped to include five new offices, parent meeting room and multiple storage areas. In addition, the staff preparation area was doubled in size.

Front Office

In 2014, our College canteen was enlarged and refurbished and a new classroom wing was built to accommodate the Year 7 student cohort. The wing incorporates four new classrooms, three offices, staff work area and storage area.

Coughlin Park Community Centre

Coughlin Park is situated beyond the building area. It has sporting facilities for netball, cricket, bowls and tennis. A football oval with clubrooms and facilities are also located in this area. The most recent addition to this lovely and vast recreation area is the Coughlin Park Community Centre overlooking the football oval and bowling greens. It was opened by Fr Peter Hudson and Mayor Heather Phillips on June 25th this year.


Master Plan of new facilities

Music Room
Music Room


            College Oval (also known as Coughlin Park)



Tara building front and rear incorporating four new classrooms, three offices, staff work area and storage area.


To book the use of a facility please telephone (03) 5382 3545 or e-mail our Booking Officer at info@stbc.vic.edu.au