Excel Program

At St Brigid’s College we recognise that gifted and talented students need to be stimulated, extended and explicitly taught the skills and understandings they need for their educational success.

Excel is a select entry program for gifted and talented students to explore their unique potential through rigorous, integrated learning projects that emphasise enrichment, challenge and connection.

Operating within the student timetable, Excel brings gifted and talented students together for 3 periods per fortnight to engage in highly personalised, student driven inquiry learning projects that will:
+ Engage, excite and connect students
+ Celebrate and enrich individual talent, creativity and achievement
+ Challenge and extend critical and creative thinking
+ Offer personalised, accelerated learning opportunities
+ Boost self-confidence and nurture a sense of community

Selection for the gifted and talented program is on the basis of:
+ Standard testing
+ Teacher nomination
+ Parent nomination
+ Student nomination

Gifted and talented students are also encouraged to participate in the wide range of extra curricular extension activities and competitions on offer to further expand their learning experiences.  Our Excel program supports students with both individual and accelerated learning opportunities.

For further details or information on how to apply, please contact the office on (03) 5382 3545.