Child Safe Information

St Brigid’s College holds the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as a central and fundamental responsibility. Central to the mission of the school is an absolute commitment to fostering the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of children and young people and providing them with a safe, supportive and enriching environment to develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Our Child Safety Policy details and affirms the standards of behaviour expected for members of the St Brigid’s College community.
St Brigid’s College Child Safety Officers are Mr Leigh McDonald Mrs Chris Rook. They can be contacted on 03 5382 3545 (Extension # 802) or by email – lmcdonald@stbc.vic.edu.au / crook@stbc.vic.edu.au

St Brigid’s College has developed a range of policies which ensure the safety and wellbeing of students, whilst maximising learning opportunities for students.

Please find below links to our more requested Policies for your viewing:


Child Safety Commitment Statement

DOBCEL Safeguarding Children and Young People: Code of Conduct

DOBCEL PROTECT: Reporting and Responding Obligations Policy

DOBCEL PROTECT: Reporting and Responding Obligations for Schools

DOBCEL PROTECT: Identifying and Responding to Student Sexual Offending

DOBCEL School Child Safety Officer Role Description

DOBCEL School Child Safety Policy

DOBCEL School Duty of Care Policy



DOBCEL Anaphylaxis Policy

DOBCEL Asthma Management Policy & Procedures

DOBCEL Assessment & Reporting Policy

DOBCEL Attendance Policy

DOBCEL Communication Policy for Schools

DOBCEL Digital Technology Acceptable Use and Cyber Safety Agreement

DOBCEL Digital Technologies Policy

DOBCEL Emergency & Critical Incident Management Policy

DOBCEL First Aid & Infection Control Policy

DOBCEL First Aid & Infection Control Procedure

DOBCEL Learning & Teaching Policy

DOBCEL Occupational Health & Safety Policy

DOBCEL Parent-School Relationship Code of Conduct

DOBCEL Pastoral Care & Well Being Policy

DOBCEL Risk Management Framework

DOBCEL Risk Management Policy

DOBCEL School Financial Oversight Policy & Procedure

DOBCEL School Student Behaviour Policy

DOBCEL Supervision of Students Policy

DOBCEL Suspension and Expulsion Policy

DOBCEL St Brigid’s College Student and Parent/Care Giver Remote Learning Responsibilities

DOBCEL Student Attendance Policy & Procedure

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Agreement

Computer Internet & Email Acceptable Use Policy

Critical Incident Management Policy and Emergency Management Plan

Electronic Device Agreement

Enrolment Policy and Enrolment Form & Agreement

Fee Payment and Collection Policy

Home Study Policy

Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy Collection Notice

St Brigid’s College Complaints Management Policy and Procedures

Sun Smart Policy