WIN Time

As a Professional Learning Community, staff at St Brigid’s College have worked to create a new initiative called W.I.N. time.
W.I.N. (or ‘What I Need”) Time will further develop the literacy and numeracy learning of our students. W.I.N Time is a data-driven intervention model where we will meet the academic needs of our Year 7 and Year 8 students.

Our staff have collated and analysed data from NAPLAN, ACER testing and classroom performance to understand the learning needs of each student for the purpose of W.I.N. Time.

Whilst each student continues to receive year level teaching in English and Mathematics, W.I.N. Time allows for flexible, small group instruction where students can either be provided intervention so they can access the year level teaching, practice a specific skill (e.g. comprehension, vocabulary, arithmetic etc.) or be extended based on what each individual student needs.
Five Literacy/English teachers will work with the students on their literacy needs, be that support or extension, for one period per week whilst five Numeracy/Mathematics teachers will do the same for another period of each week. These staff are drawn from across the year levels, including VCE teachers, to ensure all student levels are catered for in the intervention.
This new initiative was introduced into Year 8 at the commencement of 2020 and Year 7 will commence at Semester 2 next year.

We are excited by the implementation of this new system as we continue to enhance and extend the learning opportunities of each student at St Brigid’s College.