School Advisory Council

In Catholic schools the school governing body is the Canonical Authority who has jurisdiction over the school. The Canonical Authority has responsibility for authorising the governance structure and process for management.

At St Brigid’s College, Horsham our Canonical Authority is Parish Priest, Fr. Peter Hudson.

The Principal of St Brigid’s College is advised by the College Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is not a canonical authority; its role is to support the spiritual and educational development of our students and share responsibility for guiding the school toward continuous improvement. The Advisory Council does this through its contribution to school plans and policies and its participation in activities that uphold the mission of St Brigid’s College as expressed in the Vision and Mission statement of the school. The Advisory Council meet monthly in the College Boardroom.

The St Brigid’s College School Advisory Board Members comprise of:

Chairperson – Parent Representative Mr Dean Winfield
Deputy Chairperson – Parent Representative Mr Kingsley Dalgleish
Parent Representative Mrs Allison Lord
Parent Representative Mrs Penelope Manserra
Staff Representative Mr Tony Nield
Canonical Administrator Fr Peter Hudson
Principal Mr Peter Gutteridge
CEO Representative Mr Bill Slatter
Minutes Secretary Mrs Sharon Fedke

Update – August 2019:
We currently have a vacancy for a Parent Representative who would like to contribute to St Brigid’s College in this critical area of administration. A nomination form can be found here. If you would like to nominate, please complete and submit the application in a sealed envelope marked “CONFIDENTIAL – COLLEGE ADVISORY COUNCIL NOMINATION”.
Thank you