General & Compassionate Bursaries


The College offers a number of Bursaries to existing and incoming students in addition to Scholarships.  Some of these are under arrangement with external groups such as Ss Michael & Johns Primary School, Australian Defence Force, RSL and Southern Mallee LLEN, to name a few.

Each year the College awards various academic, leadership and service Bursaries to existing students.  These Bursaries range in value and are presented at the College Graduation Mass and Awards Ceremony at the end of the school year and are applied toward the following year’s tuition fees.

St Brigid’s College offers a limited number of Bursaries to aid financially and socially disadvantaged families.  The Bursary Fund enables the College to establish places for worthy students from a wide range of backgrounds who may otherwise not be able to attend St Brigid’s College.

Special bursaries or fee remissions based on financial hardship and are subject to request by the family on a special Bursary application form. These are awarded at the discretion of the Principal or Business Manager and assessed on the information provided by the applicant. Bursaries are usually offered on a year-by-year basis.

Bursaries usually cover part of a student’s tuition costs but may sometimes include other peripheral costs for items of school uniform or text books.  The nature of a bursary is determined by the Principal.

The application form provides detail on all information required, but in short, applicants will need to provide documentation in support of all statements made and adequate personal and financial information to enable the school to make an informed decision.

The special Bursary application process will remain strictly confidential and reviewed by the Principal and Business Manager in the event a family’s circumstances change. These Bursaries are conditional on the family maintaining the agreement put in place as part of the Bursary approval.


APPLICATION FORMS:    Available by contacting the Business Manager on (03) 5382 3545 or email to info@stbc.vic.edu.au  A copy can also be obtained from the Front Office.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE:    Can be accepted at any time throughout the school year.