Camps & Retreats

Throughout a student’s time at St Brigid’s College they have an opportunity to be engaged in various camps and retreats. These trips are designed to be an opportunity for students to better get to know each other, extend themselves and deepen their personal relationships. 

Camps are run for students in Years 7 and 8, while retreats are run for the students in Years 9 to 12 with each having its own purpose and theme.

The Year 9 Eco Spirituality Retreat focuses on students and their understanding of stewardship and their involvement in not only understanding the fragility of the environment but also how to protect and preserve it for future generations. The retreat runs over three days at Tandara Camp, Halls Gap.

The Year 10 Street Retreat provides students with the opportunity to engage with other faith traditions and communities. The retreat runs over three days in Melbourne.

The Year 11 Social Justice Retreat takes the students away from familiar surroundings to Adelaide where they participate in various activities including homelessness, poverty, community service and various societal problems. The students also work closely with those seeking asylum in Australia listening to their stories and crossing cultural boundaries. The retreat runs over five days at Nunyara in Belair.

The Year 12 Leadership Retreat highlights the role of the student in Year 12 at St Brigid’s College. The retreat is facilitated by Sacred Heart Ministries with an aim to focus the students for the busy year ahead and beyond. The retreat runs for three days at Norval House, Halls Gap.

As the students embark on their future away from St Brigid’s the retreats goals are for the student to know six things better; themselves, their peers, their relationship with family and friends, their relationship with the environment, their role within the community and their relationship with God.