Academic Enrichment

Education at St Brigid’s College values the student as an individual and we believe that all students should have the opportunity to excel in areas of interest or talent.

St Brigid’s College offers many Extra-Curricular and enrichment opportunities to stimulate, challenge and extend all students to reach their highest potential across a broad range of interest areas. This is not a select entry program. Students participate inclusively and voluntarily with the guidance and support of committed teachers, mentors, coordinators and peers.  Students participate in events such as workshops, conferences, excursions, performances, social justice activities, team events, clubs, extra-curricular classes, and online conferencing with industry experts and people who excel in their chosen field. These activities, both within the school and local community, and also in state, national and international competitions provide students with a push for excellence, gain valuable learning experiences outside of the classroom and broaden their understanding of the world.

Students are advised of extra-curricular activities and opportunities via our online Daily Messages on SIMON and through email communications from our Learning & Teaching Team. Parents can also see what opportunities are available on our Parent Access Module (PAM).