Student Wellbeing at St Brigid’s

Our community of St Brigid’s College believes in providing quality education based on the dignity of the human person, who is created in the image of God. Each person is recognised as a unique individual, capable of bringing special qualities and gifts to share and so we all have the right to be respected and a responsibility to respect each other. All members of our community are committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment which promotes personal growth and fosters positive self esteem.

Student Wellbeing

Our community of St Brigid’s College believes in providing quality education on the dignity of the human person, who is created in the image of God. Each person is recognised as a unique individual, with individual needs, capable of bringing special qualities and gifts to share. Therefore we all have the right to be respected and have a responsibility to respect each other.

St Brigid’s College takes its commitment to providing a safe environment for all of our students very seriously.  We are an accredited ‘MindMatters’ and ‘eSmart School’ and we implement frameworks and policies that provide a safe school for all students.  In addition to these frameworks, proactive Student Wellbeing Sessions are run for students that cover topics such as Cyber Safety, Respecting Yourself, Respecting Others, Developing Resilience, and How We Treat Others, which reinforce the values of St Brigid’s College and the message that we do not tolerate bullying behaviour of any kind, at any year level.

St Brigid’s College recognises the need to work in partnership with students, parents/carers, and staff to develop positive relationships, promote personal responsibility and facilitate successful educational outcomes, based on the Gospel values. We are very aware of the affects of bullying and harassment in society and do everything in our power to ensure that all students within our school community feel safe within their educational environment.

We support all of our students through our Teacher Advisor (TA) Program, which gives all students the opportunity to develop strong and trusting relationships with teachers through daily mentoring and regular one on one sessions.  Students can discuss any issues or concerns as they arise and understand the support networks that are available to them at all times.  Our TA program is further enhanced through the care and involvement of our Student Wellbeing Team who thoroughly investigate any concern raised and work closely with students, families and external support agencies or the wider community.  We are committed to continuing to support all of our students throughout their schooling.

Student Wellbeing Sessions

The Student Wellbeing Team present Student Wellbeing Sessions to all the Year 7 to Year 10 students.  An ongoing major focus is Bullying/Cyberbullying and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

During these sessions, students are presented with a variety of topics faced by adolescents in our society today. These topics include:

Bullying             Cyber Bullying                Developing Resilience                 How Do We Treat Others/Ourselves

eSmart             Drug Education               Tobacco Smoking                       Mental Health & Wellbeing

Awareness of ‘National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence’

Self-Awareness – Values, Beliefs, Personal Preference, Talents, Abilities & ‘Being True To Yourself’

Students also participate in practical experiences, such as the MudMap to Manhood & Girls Day Out.

Students and their families are presented with wellbeing information regularly on our SIMON intranet daily messages.  This promotes a group discussion with the TA’s each morning in Homeroom. Students are given the opportunity to discuss any concerns or ideas that they may have with their TA and homeroom peers. These topics include:

Anti-Bullying                                            Healthy Eating/Nutritional Information                        Homework Strategies

Importance of Sleep                                What is Wellbeing and Resilience                                  Procrastination

Prioritising                                                Improving Confidence                                                    Problem Solving Strategies

Managing Anger                                       Positive Friendships                                                        Importance of Exercise

Me Time                                                    Stress Management                                                        Self Awareness.

Our school is noted for its friendliness, helpfulness and courtesy of our students, and this characteristic is frequently commented upon by employers, local businesses, municipal officials and voluntary organisations.

Every opportunity is available for diverse participation, especially during recess and lunch breaks, or in an after-school program.

Basic to our policy is the requirement that no student may disrupt the work, or the wellbeing of another student.

In co-operation with the parent, the school will act quickly, positively and most firmly to achieve this. The school and staff believe that all students must learn to have:-

  • respect for themselves as a person
  • respect for other people and their rights
  • respect for community and community property
  • Respect for the ethic of study and work

The relationship between parents, members of staff and student is based on mutual respect and care.
When necessary the school will ensure that all students work and study within these guidelines, and do not disrupt the harmony of the school by unacceptable action or behaviour.