Students at St Brigid’s

Parents and students are encouraged to contact the College to arrange a visit to speak to staff about enrolment and their educational needs.


All new students are required to complete and submit an Enrolment Application. Enrolment Application forms should be accompanied by a copy of the student’s Birth Certificate and most recent school report, with details of a senior contact person at the student’s current school.
To be processed, the Enrolment Application form must be accompanied by a $50.00 (non-refundable) application fee.
All applicants and their parents/guardians are interviewed by the Principal. Interviews last for approximately 20 minutes and will be conducted during August.
Applications will be subject to available places for a particular year level and each application will be considered by the Principal on its merits and take into account special circumstances. The Principal will take into account the student’s genuine and personal desire to be at St Brigid’s College and to be involved in the life of the College.
On completion of the student’s interview, and subject to approval, a Letter of Offer will be issued. At this stage, and upon return of your signed paperwork, the student’s enrolment will be secured.


The closure date for 2019 Enrolment Application forms is Friday 1st June 2019.

Conditions for Admission

While applications will continue to be taken after the closure date, applicants could be disadvantaged should the number of applicants exceed the number of positions available.
All submitted Application Forms must be accompanied by a $50 (non-refundable) application fee. Interviews for places will not be arranged until the enrolment fee is paid.
As part of the formal application, the student and their parents/guardians are required to sign their acceptance of the terms of enrolment as stated on the Enrolment Application form, and based upon the conditions and criteria stated in the College’s enrolment policy.

Enrolment at St Brigid’s College requires Students and Parents/Guardians:
  • To accept an obligation that the student will abide by the College rules and standards of conduct and behaviour at the time of appointment and as they evolve overtime.
  • To become members of the St Brigid’s College community. It is understood that the acceptance of enrolment implies an undertaking on the part of the student, with the support of their parents, to participate fully in all College activities as required of them.
  • For Temporary enrolment, for example exchange students, and their sponsors, being bound by the same conditions as all other students, insofar as this is not an unreasonable demand.
  • For continuing enrolment, the student and their parents abiding by the original conditions for admission (including all/any amendments), and meeting all school fees when due.
  • It is an obligation binding on parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who believe that they may be unable to pay the fees in full, that they discuss this with the Business Manager (or delegate) when applying for enrolment if it is known at that time, and at any other time after enrolment if such a situation arises.

To receive an Enrolment Package please contact the school office on (03) 5382 3545 or email the school at

College Tours

Tours of the College are available by contacting the school office on (03) 5382 3545 or email

College Open Day

Our 2024 Open Day will be held on Monday 6th May 2024. We invite prospective families across all year levels to register now and we will contact you before booking times open to the public. Click here to register.

Yr 7 Orientation Day

Once your child has enrolled they are invited to attend the College Orientation Day. This is held in December each year. We believe this day forms part of the successful transition from Primary School to Secondary School which allows your child (and parents) to meet with other friends and make new ones before starting.  This day will be advertised to you via the School Newsletter, which new enrolment families will start to receive (via email) in Term 4 of each year.


In August each year, parents will be asked to complete a compulsory form confirming their intentions of enrolment for the following year. This is an important commitment made to the school allowing St Brigid’s to complete staffing and budgeting requirements for the following year.

In the event that a student has been enrolled or re-enrolled to attend St Brigid’s College and then subsequently withdraws their application and/or exits the College on or before February census day, an ‘Early Exit Fee’ of $200 will be payable.  The family will be invoiced the ‘Early Exit Fee’ should this occur.